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Melamine Cabinets

Melamine is yet another plastic material product used to cover a substrate such as MDF, plywood or particle board.  It is designed to be relatively maintenance free allowing for minimal wear and tear when exposed to scratches, chips, moisture and sunlight.   The material itself is made from resin, paper and pressed wood and comes in a variety of price ranges depending on the quality of the underlying material as well as the style of the melamine itself.  This material comes in both solid standard colors as well as in wood grain patterns though the faux wood is less common in this style of cabinetry.

A Unique Style

Melamine is often used to give your cabinets more of a retro or European look and has become quite popular as people are looking to create a unique style of their own.  You can really get that old 50s look or the look of a highly modernized kitchen with bold colors and stainless hardware.  A common feature in terms of cabinet box style is that melamine is often used with frameless cabinets opposed to framed cabinets.  Using the frameless style makes for a more unique look as well as provides more space for storage. 

Another Cabinet Material that Can Be Painted

Another interesting feature about Melamine is that unlike many vinyl or plastic products it can be painted if you decide you don't like the color you originally installed.  To paint, you must use a specific urethane reinforced oil based paint as well as a specialized melamine primer so ensure best results. 

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