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Laminate Cabinets

As you've probably already noticed, figuring out the best type of material for your cabinets can be quite overwhelming.  Another material type on the list to choose from is laminate.  Probably the most attractive features when it comes to this material is the fact that you can choose from such a wide variety of colors, styles and designs.  Most manufacturers make a line of laminate cabinets so your selection will be vast.  Another perk to this material is that it is easy to clean and will not be damaged by most household cleaning products.  It is durable and even your kids will have a difficult time staining them.

How are Laminate Cabinets Constructed?

In high quality cabinets, typically the laminate is secured to the cabinet once the box has been constructed.  The cabinet box is typically made of plywood, particle board, or fiberboard.  The laminate itself is similar to the material you would find on a laminate countertop though for cabinets it is often thinner.  It is created by fusing plastic resin and paper together under pressure and heat.

Drawbacks of Laminate Cabinets

As with any type of cabinet material, there are certain drawbacks when it comes to laminate.  The first is in the fact that laminate is essentially adhered to the wood or particle board underneath.  This means that it is possible that it can peel or chip.  This is unlike a wood cabinet that is wood throughout.  Typically chips or peeling occur on the frame edges or at the seem where the laminate was secured to the wood underneath.  Keep in mind that it is not the end of the world should your cabinets peel or chip as you can repair them for a minimal fee.  Even better, if you have a cabinet that has chipped or is peeling, we offer free cabinet repair price quotes to help you out.

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